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can someone help me figure this out? pls and thanks


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this guy came over to me,where he works, and he says.. "its about time you come around" (what did he mean by that?)so I explained to myself why I haven't been around much.then he proceeded to introduce himself to me, and we made a little small talk.. asked where my bf was, cause he always saw me with this guy, i told him i didn't have one, (a friend) and and was like Oh, always made it hard for me to talk to you. im pretty sure he liked me for well over three years... always staring at me and such. Told me his name, and gave me his hand.. told me to look him up on facebook. so i added him. hes 21 and im 23.. think im a lil to old for him?.. i definitely act young for my age..so idk ~thanks for reading this (:

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