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Ex made it known she wants to get back together. Are we ready?


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Hey all,


Never thought I'd ever post about this, but here it is. The ex-girlfriend has told me over the last several weeks that she wishes we were back together, that she wants to be mine, and that she thinks we are soulmates.


A little background on our situation: we dated last year for 7 months, head over heels for each other, then I got drunk one night and verbally lashed out at her, called her hurtful names. She understandably didn't take it so well. Broke up with me and said she was terrified of who I turned into that night.


I went NIC and went into counseling for my stress and alcohol issues. She went into a rebound relationship a month later and I went strict NC. Deleted her from FB, Twitter, my phone, etc. etc. Over the next 6 months, she would drunk dial me, "butt dial" me, text me, try to add me on FB/Twitter, etc. etc. I heard from her in some shape or form at least once a week. I ignored 95% of it all. She broke up with her boyfriend in April and I unblocked her from FB a little bit after, letting bygones be bygones. She re-added me, we started chatting, and before I knew it, we were hooking up and talking everyday.


This has been going for the last two months. We've both gotten along really well and I can tell she has grown up quite a bit. She still has her flaws but they are not nearly as drastic as they were before. Immaturity and jealousy were the two big ones.


She's living a few hours away with her dad this summer before she moves back into town in August. We've made plans to go to a concert in 2 weeks, then I'll be seeing her a week after on my way to Chicago. She's my date for my friend's wedding in late July, then she moves back into town a week after that.


Do you guys think we're ready to go back and give it another shot? 7 months together, then 6 months NC, most of which she was dating someone the whole time, whom she admitted was a complete rebound? I know for a fact she's not talking to any other guys. She tells me every single day she loves me and thinks we're meant to be and wishes she was mine. But with the distance this summer, and only 2 months of "reconciling", is it too soon ENA?

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It sounds like you both have done some growing. We can't tell you what to do because only you two know for sure where you are and if you are ready. It seems like the time you had apart was good and productive for you....and NC obviously helped you both. I would give it a little more time, see how things go and decide. Seems like you two are going to take things slow and be around each other and reconnect for a bit first- which is important after all the time apart.


Wish you guys the best of luck!

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