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Is it a weird coincidence that everyone can find dates so easily?


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This thread is probably poorly worded, but can't think of a way to put it in effective terms.... basically, every girl that I had an interest in (single at the time) seems to be dating shortly after they met me. Chalk it up to weird coincidence? To sum it up, everyone that I meet either finds their long-term partner or significant other, while I seemingly rot away unwanted.


The problem is that I look pretty bad in the sense that some of them know that I never managed to go on any dates, minus a few (broke things off with a girl that wasn't right for me) and have remained single for a very very long time. We are talking about an entire lifetime here folks.


Sometimes, I can't help but think that there is a serious problem with me. While I am working to improve or better myself, I am finding the effort not paying off and things remain the same, years later. Even after searching for years and years, perhaps it may be best for me to quit for awhile and take a lengthy break? I really wished that I have relationship or long-term prospects at my age, but it is not to be at the moment.

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Try taking a break for 10 years.


My heart just wasnt in it anymore with girls and i guess i just lost interest.


But i would suggest you not do what i did, as it can get pretty lonely on your own. And when you live on your own or with family for so long, you get used to it and it becomes too hard to change.


I have learned to appreciate being single for a long time, and it would be pretty hard for me to get back in the game (if i ever do).


Best i can suggest is, keep your focus on your own life, take opportunities when they come and live your life.

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Sounds like you are a prime candidate for internet dating, a few of my mates have got together with their partners through it.


Tried it for 2 years, never got anything out of it. Didn't work for me.


I suppose that there isn't much that I can do. I make an honest effort, but always on the unlucky end.

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