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Am I over-reacting?

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I apologize if I'm posting to the wrong forum, but I wasn't sure where to put this.


I live in an apartment complex that houses probably around 50 tenants. I have very recently discovered mice droppings in my apartment. This morning I called and left a message for the apartment manager explaining the situation. She did not return my call all day and then when I got home from work this evening there was a note from maintenance saying they had set 2 traps under my kitchen sink and put poison under the building. First of all, I really dislike like how the apartment manager never calls me back (hasn't in the past when I've had other issues, even when I've specificly asked her to) and nobody calls to let me know maintenance personnel are going to be in my apartment. I find it at the least unprofessional. Even a little rude. I also feel that they should call pest control instead of setting traps, etc. Mice reproduce very quickly. I have heard both traps go off this evening, but I didn't want to look right before I slept. Yuck. I'm a little on edge and imagining mice hiding all over my apartment. I plan to call the health department tomorrow to see what their responsibilities and obligations are. Am I being unreasonable? I just feel that with an apartment complex something like this should be taken more seriously. But am I over-reacting? They whole situation makes me mad. Any suggestions on what to do?

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In an apartment complex, many times you sign a lease stating that maintenance is allowed to enter. Sometimes it stipulates that they can only enter with a certain notice unless its an emergency. For example, if its putting up a shelf - that's not an emergency, but something to do with a busted pipe, etc, is. They might think mice falls under that because it can pose a serious problem. I wouldn't call the health dept just yet - they acted - let them see if that helps. They may have indeed even called pest control but this is something they are doing as a stopgap in the meantime especially if you are the only tenant that has complained. Some older buildings or buildings by forests, etc, have that problem. You actually have an obligation as a tenant to make sure you are not leaving food and trash outside your apartment, etc, as well.


Unfortunately - I hate to break it to you, but in MANY apartment complexes the management sees a response as someone showing up and don't call unless they cannot address your problem right away.

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