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i have dated one of the most amazing girls since January but we had to break up due to me going to college in the next town to us and she bout to be a senior in high school we knew we would not have time for each other so we decided to stay friends tho it tore us up we were still as close friends as we were a couple...but the last few days she had been acting odd towards me she was depressed cause she never has been able to keep a relationship long cause her family did not like them or they treated her like crap (i have been the only one her family has really liked) she said that after me she was done with dating anyone for a long time i knew how she felt cause i am doing the same thing...but as last week she was trying to get me stop being friends cause she thought she did not deserve friends...of course i was opposing the idea but i was concerned of how she was acting lately but as of last night i learn from one of our best friends that she has been secretly dating one of her ex's which only lasted a week when they first dated..but now they had been dating for a couple of weeks now which confuses me because she is telling me how she can't keep a relationship lasting while she is secretly in one and for that matter why keep it a secret and why she has been acting the way she has towards me....really confused?

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Hello. I think she's the one that is truly confused, so her actions are NEVER going to make sense, no matter how hard try to understand them.


Perhaps she feels lonely and might consider being in a relationship as a very important part of her life, but I'm just guessing here, she may not know the real issue herself, you know?


You broke up because it was not possible to continue with the relationship, so you're going to have to let it go.

You might also have to stop talking, at least for a while, because you can't (and shouldn't try to) help her solve her relationship problems.


You might meet again when her emotions are more stable, but for now don't be afraid to move on.

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