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long term SSRI use

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over the past year getting any thing accomplished has been nearly impossible - particularly school work. ive been on zoloft for 2 or 3 years, currently at 200mg, for depression. ive been on and off of meds for the past 8 years. i never had problems with school assignments until recently. my doctor thinks i have ADD (which can lead to depression b/c you keep f-ing up in life) and i am now also on 100mg of strattera for that. i also have food allergies and digestive issues i'm also figuring out right now.


i cant get my hands to type or write. i feel paralyzed when it comes to doing assignments. my brain can't turn on and engage itself. this really is a problem, ive had to get so many deferrals for courses. my doc calls this brain fog combined with lack of concentration.


lately ive wondered if my long term anti depressant use could be messing up my brain, like numbing me out in a way.


any thoughts?

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Actually, SSRIs usually help improve your ability to concentrate. When I had the identical issue you did, I went to my doctor and he recommended increasing my dosage. It helped.


If you're looking for natural ways of getting ride of the "fog", I would highly recommend taking Omega 3 supplements. I take around four pills a day and it helps. Peppermint tea and green tea also seem to help as well.


Here's the brand of Omega 3 I'd recommend. It's certified pure: link removed

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