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Girl in my class; does she like me?


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Hi, I have this girl whom I had same lectures for the entire year. I really like her and decided to ask her out after some chatting. Here's some I believe as 'important' signs...

1.We always had this weird eye contact without saying any words to each other.

2.A day when I was waiting a friend outside of the building, she was passing by and said "good morning" and smiled.

So after a little general talking on the fb I asked her if we could have drinks some day after the class and the rest of the talk goes weird...She acted like she didnt even do any of the above(I mean signs) and behaved me like total jerk which not even close to my personality. So I had to put my guard down and eventually she apologized. Then I settled it for a coffee and she said ok.

When next time I saw her she was like ignoring me and things like that.But today, when I was going to the class, I saw her with some friends talking in the hall I passes by ignoring her but she made a step forward and said "hi" with waving her hand and smiling...I don't get it; what is changed? Waiting for comments..

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