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For those of you that were dumped for an EX?


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Hi ENers. Just thought I would start a thread on those of you who have been dumped by your SO for their EX? I seem to come accross it a bit here and was wondering if it actually happens that often and perhaps why it seems to happen?

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It happens, mostly because the dumper either was in a rebound (my case) even though the relationship was 7 months. Realized she had feelings still and unresolved business, which also happens in a rebound. Or they just honestly realize they really do love that person. Also it can be that the new relationship isn't what they thought it would be.


In my case I treated the girl well, but she was unable to work through anything because of what she had done to her ex. How she went about things. She felt terribly guilty, and ultimately ran back. Those are the main reasons I can tell. I'm sure there are others that I may not ever know. I don't really think too many people come back to rebound relationships unless they are really that screwed up in the head.

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