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I'm so stupid. Why do I let him affect me? He got pissed off at me for contacing him after a week but it was fine for him to contact me after a week?? I was doing so well but now, i feel upset again. How come he gets to make up all the rules!?!

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He doesn't but you are letting him.... so stop. This is up to you NOT him.


If he calls... must you answer??? If you answer... must you talk or excuse yourself for something more important???


If he wants something... can you discuss the terms of what you want [its great that you called but unless you are wanting to reconcile I wish you would leave me alone to move on]?


The only one making the rules is you... you have to recognize that and accept that. You allowed him to talk to you and get you upset... this is you.


Take charge of your destiny. Live by the rules you create.


I know the ups and downs post breakup and the waves of emotions and the set backs and what you have experienced has been experienced by many here. We all trip ourselves up in the course of moving on - its nothing new. The key is to realize its not him... its you. You have a choice so start exercising it. Once you realize your own voice in all this you will get stronger and it will help you move forward!


Hugs... I've been there too!

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