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When GF saying, she does not wanting to built her whole life around me! Otherwise,If something happens to me or I die, she may not be able to live normal life and raise her kids.

Is this normal way of thinking, by knowing that I am a very stable person and she had and has my supports, from a-z when she was really in need.

Is this a classic example of Fear of Lossing deal for unavaillable women. I wish, I had small cabin remote by a lake, live my life without being effected by any social..... problems.

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It sounds like you were hurt that she said that. Like you feel she doesn't trust you enough to depend/rely on you or something. To have a life carved out together.


She's probably been hurt/abandoned before and doesn't want to be in the same vulnerable position again.


If you want her to depend more on you, prove/show her that you are someone worth depending on. That you will be there for her, time and time again. That you're not going anywhere.

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