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Mad At Myself For Letting Things Get This Way

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Ever since Christmas I have noticed a larger intake of fast food being part of my diet and because of no motivation I don't make time for myself to do anything. I worked for my dad last summer and lost almost 20 pounds, I gained it all back.


I don't know what my problem is, but I don't have motivation to exercise and try to lose the weight, I want to but I don't try hard enough. The most I did was try to eat healthy for a while but it was short lived.


Life right now is a rough patch money wise and where I live with my boyfriend and just other dramas. I guess perhaps I let these things impact me to much which could be why I just end up sitting around depressed or sitting around trying to escape life.


I don't even like fast food but its so quick and easy, I know it has to come to a stop, all the bad food does. I still eat somewhat healthy but not nearly enough... I am just at a loss here of what to do/think.


Has anyone else felt this way and what did you do about it?


I know I should try and just exercise each day but something about it is hard and I end up not doing it. I don't want to be overweight forever and would like to feel better in life...

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Well, i am somewhat in the same boat my dear. What you need is a proper diet. You cant exercise yourself alone and expect to have results. You need a proper diet that also includes exercise. I would suggest you do what i did. I went and purchased a diet book. One that does not allow you to get bored or hungry. And after a set amount of time, it changes everything so you cant get bored.

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You are correlating exercise with something negative. Just try and do something enjoyable once or twice a week first be it walking swimming classes like zumba etc then build it up.


It is sooo easy to eat fast food I'm with you there. Does your boyfriend agree on the eating habits? Would be a LOT easier if both of you were participating.

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Might I suggest something easy? I would highly advise signing up for link removed I'm a member. That site has everything that is helpful to your fitness goals. I promise it'll help, they even have supplements if you want to try those. As for exercise try getting a group of people together to work out, it's fun and it keeps you active and wanting more. Try meeting friends at good places to eat, or go to healthier fast food places such as subway and chipotle. set reasonable goals and try to break them! It'll take a little time, but you'll see results I promise!! Remember even small choices like a salad from Micky D's beats the Chicken sandwich. small steps will get you there. Good luck! You can do it!

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Thank you all very much for the comments, I appreciate it! I do like healthy food its just the price increase on everything makes it not desirable. My plan is eat healthy when I can, and if my boyfriend isn't going to walk with me I will start of slow and just start walking myself.


I won't do a lot at once, but walk and go a bit futhur each day

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