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happy getting back together after 8 months of complete NC


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so i was talking to one of my close friends and she told me she got back with her ex almost a month ago, and i thought id share the story here since it did have a happy ending for them two.


here is a little summary of what happened:

- they dated for about 6 months but didn't really see each other in 2 whole months bc of summer

- they broke up august last year: she was thniking about breaking up with him for already 3 months because she felt like she was giving too much and not getting much in return.. it ws basically a mutual break up at the end due to the distance

- the break up was through text message and they never talked about it ever again

- he deleted her from her fb

- they once got in a argument bc someone commented on a picture about him

- he sometimes felt she was too clingy bc she would go see him every weekend (they go to two different schools).

- last april when she went to the school he goes to she texted him and started talking ever since then

- she REALLY moved on, she went out met new people and although she did miss him at times, she didn't let the though of him interfere with her life

- this current is a whole new relationship they started from zero and they didn't let the past get in between them

-during the 8 months that they weren't together she did a 100% NC


now that they are back together, the dynamic of the relationship is so much better this way now that each worked on themselves


this is not to give false hopes to anyone, but an example of how moving on and having STRICT NC really is a win win, regardless if you get back with your ex or not, and how important is to move on you still will find that happiness again.. and in her case it worked for her to get him back..... also i don't think no ex comes back and if they do, the relationship is going to end sooner or later.. its more like them two meet up later in life and destiny brings them back together


i know that if she never would of ever talked to him, she would be happy bc she wasn't depending on him for her own happiness..i remember when i broke up with my ex she (the girl im talking about) always talked about how talking to them was useless b.c it really wont workout since the relationship is clearly broken other wise we would of never broken up in the first place.


i hope this story helps everyone like it helped me

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