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I was your fool for so long! IM NEVER LOOKING BACK! HEALING JOURNEL


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Hey every one.


I have been my B/F friends fool for way to long and im never looking back. Last night he came over and tried to hold me and caress me, but inside I knew it was all a lie. It was around 1:00am when he came over. I noticed his phone was on my night stand and it ketp lighting up and when I looked at it it had to text msgs on it and never in our relationship has he ever put a lock on his phone. I showed it to him told him his phone was ringing and he told me that its no body and he has nothing to hide. I side if you have nothing to hide why do you have a block/lock on your phone he stated because I knew you would go in my phone I knew the number it was that same number he texted last time that he wanted her... A part of me wanted to be sad,mad,yell,fight with him but I have had enough dealing with him and all his lies. I tell him all the time if you want other people go have them just leave me alone. He states that he dosent want that he wants to marry me and have a family with me and my son. I told him im sick of his lies and that he should leave and go be with her and do whatever he wants. im so done its not even funny. I told him I cant even find the love I once had for him because its got lost in all of his lies along the road. SO GO. He didnt want to leave at first, but, when I stop talking and said nothing more he left but that didnt stop him from calling me back to back. And all this morning. But I have no more words for him once so ever. Now im going to get and put my life back together one day at a time slow but surely. It feels like a powerful will has over taken me to not be someone's fool anymore I can get through this I have the power and he dosent. It not me that needed him. It was he that needed me. I was special and he lost me for some random girl. Now lets see if she will be there for you the way I have been for 4 long years..

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Guest DraggdByHorses

Hi Miss.Love2u,

Stay strong and be phenomenal! You have a whole community here rooting for you; I too am going through a lot and I have found comfort, solace, wisdom and understanding her on ENA, you are not alone. Be well, keep posting, you never know if you inspire and help others going through similar situations. Focus on yourself and helping others has helped me a lot.

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Do you think you are strong enough to stick with your decision? Often women feel empowered and strong and as soon as the crazy fool starts sweet talking her again, they are right back where they started.


Don't let him play you anymore. There's a whole wide world of women he can play if that is what he likes. Stay strong.

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