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Hi All


I am just wondering if my ex boyfriend is bi-polar.

Early on in the relationship he told me that he hated himself, he says he hates life and that nothing makes him happy. He has broken up with me twice before and we got back together. He then finished with me for a third time, he tells me its for good that he doesnt love me, want to be with me or speak to me. Says he is better off alone.

He says he is bipolar now as one day he is happy, the next day he is not. He never really has a high or is very happy. Occasionally he will look forward to stuff.

Throughout the relationship he would start fights and get in moods over minor things. He also loses his sex drive once he gets angry or in a mood.


He says he will never be happy properly but that he is just getting on with life.


I dont know if he will ever come back to me. Do they always hurt and push the people closest to them away?


I couldnt have been nicer to him and i tried so hard to make him happy.


He will not go to the doctor or get help.


Can bipolar be cured without medication or will he get worse? x

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My ex was bipolar and he acted like that. he would break up with me spur of the moment for no reason and then want to get back with me a few weeks later. we went on and off about 7 times. so he could be but you don't want to diagnose him yourself. unfortunately you cant really control the episodes without medication.

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My ex was totally bi-polar I have no doubt in my mind. I cannot diagnose him but trust me he was. He hated his life and he was always depressed and wanted to kill himself and then I would remind him hey think of the people in Japan I highly doubt your life sucks. I was always so caring and I would always say hey if you need someone to listen to you I am here and he would sigh and say thanks. He was also totally Narcissistic what a combo lol

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It doesn't matter. He doesn't want to be in a relationship. That is all you need to know.


A person that is really bipolar will have very high times, talk very fast and go go go, sometimes awake for days at a time. They do not sleep properly. Just from what you've said, he doesn't sound bipolar, just very miserable.

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