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Was it a date?


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So I've been hooking-up with this guy for a couple of months now. Nothing serious, we've had that talk and hes said that hes not looking for anything serious, and frankly neither am I.


But this past weekend his friends were in a beer brewing contest that my guy friend invited me to. All his close friends were there, my guy doesn't have much family that he keeps in touch with so his friends are like his family, anyway when we walked in, to my surprise he paid for my ticket. Now this guy does not have alot of money, if he did I prob wouldn't second guess it, but he works two jobs so money is tight.


Also, the entire day he stuck by my side, seeing if I needed anything, asking what kinda beer I wanted to try next, very attentive. And his friends were super nice to me talking to me and so on.


So I guess my question is why the mixed signals. He says he doesn't want anything serious which is fine, but then why treat me the way he did when we were out together?

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ps - just because a man treats a woman who is his FWB with a modicum of respect and kindness out of the bedroom doesn't mean it's turning into a relationship. one should HOPE that they should be just that Friends. I treat my friends to lunch or tickets to a show sometimes as well.

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Thanks for all your responses. If there is one thing I know for certain it is that he enjoys spending time with me, because as others have stated in other posts it is never "just" sex, esp after an extended period of time. As far as where it is going to go if anywhere only time can tell. I do have a tendency to get ahead of myself in the whole lets start a relationship thing, this is actually the longest I have been "seeing" someone and it hasn't turned into anything serious, and maybe that is a good thing. It might just be the mood I'm in right now, but I think I am actually okay with it.

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