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How to know when your not bitter anymore? Guidance?

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I don't know. I recently just read someones response to someone looking to date after a relationship. And they said when there is no more bitterness etc.


I don't feel vindictive at all and I don't hate her. It is hard for me to go as far as saying I forgive her, because lying and infidelity (emotionally cheating) are hard to forgive when you are in a mentality of an exclusive relationship. I don't hate her or dislike her for what she did, but I don't think it was right even if there were issues at the time. Whether it be communication, closeness, intimacy, romance.


FORGIVING her is hard, but I do not hold a grudge, it is our fault, hers and mine that led to this. But I am not angry or upset about it. I think in the process of forgiving her, it will also be a process of forgiving myself.


I feel though having blocked her out of my life feels like a bitter thing to do. Such as blocking her and some of her friends on facebook (I know...social media the DEVIL) I get it. But if you guys can understand what I mean. I feel like that is a wall I put up because of anger and bitterness ya know? So leaving it up makes me feel subconsciously that I am still bitter in a sense when I do not think I am.


I am in a good place. I would like to start dating but nothing serious with intent. I have been dating, and have been with a few girls, but I got it out of my system now. I also made and in the process of making a bucket list while I am embracing singledom of things that I want to knock out. Skydive, bungee, being more social (more friends), very random things. Also playing the sports that I didn't play as much or stopped.


I need help to elaborate what I am trying to say, and if unblocking the blocked with help relive this sense of bitterness, but I do not want it to seem weak if that makes any sense? I am kind of torn between what I feel and how I should be feeling...just looking for guidance.

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I don't know, i guess thinking about this after venting is probably giving me an excuse to unblock her....


Just need to stay strong and not buy into these little personal minds games lol


I am actually laughing about it now that I felt the need to write that out...because I really don't feel bitter really...and my mind is just making excuses I think to have a reason to hit the unblock button....

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You got to have soul flush, I had mine in Vegas sought of soul freeing time.


Picture every man's desire for 7 days did just that, coming home I was bitter clean ready to start new life.


Write me for advice.

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