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As I posted in the Divorce forum, I am recently divorced. It wasn't what I wanted. I realized yesterday that even if we did get back together that I would always be afraid when I left the house that he would leave while I'm gone. I already had trust issues.


So I guess now my questions is how do I trust people again?


I always wake up in the mornings feeling bad, depressed, missing him, and wanting to contact him and not know what to say. I also wake feeling like my blood sugar is low and try to eat ASAP, figuring this is contributing to me feeling depressed.


What can I do? I miss him and the marriage we had.

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Hey there. I think the first and most important thing to remember is that it's your responsibility to make yourself happy. This was one of the hardest (but most important) things I leanred during my divorce. Chances are that you had happy times before him, therefore, you can have happy times after him. I didn't want my divorce either. I know how you feel. But it's necessary to stop concentrating on the past, what was, or what could have been. If you do that, you won't get over anything. Instead, focus on the now and the future. Think about what you really want. Start with little things like, " I really want a muffin for breakfast." Once you can do these little things, then you can start focusing on bigger picture issues like trust. But give yourself time, don't expect too much of yourself all at once. Concentrate on making yourself happy first. You should be the most important priority in your life. This your moment to figure out what you want. This is vital to accepting and loving yourself again. Once you are happy, then you can invite other into your life again.

All the Best

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