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... But not for me. For my sister.


Now i am all for big, luscious, curvy hips and bum on a girl. (/drool)


But my sister's is ridiculously out of proportion to the rest of her body. I dont know why it is so hard for girls to lose the sandbags on their bum, but it apparently is.


It has always really bothered her, and she really hates letting everyone see it, and i would really like to help - but i know nothing about how a women can slim down her bum.


If she were my girlfriend, i would never want her to change (unless she herself really wants it). But being my sister, and completely her own free spirit, she wants to get rid of it. She is 28 and roughly a few cm (an inch or two i guess?) shorter than i. Of course there is no way i could ever know her weight.


Conversely, my older sister (aside from winning the lottery in terms of children the last couple years) is 'picture perfect' for her weight, size etc etc. She is 2 years older than i and is athletic (when she dont have a bun in the oven) and although her bum and hip size is way too small (as far as im concerned) she is very happy with what she has.


Is there anything you girls could suggest i offer her as a solution? Something that a brother could in fact tell a sister without the obvious repercussions!

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I think that some women naturally put on weight on their hips, which is where it's meant to go (not on your stomach because that's un-natural for women to have guts spilling over). What do you mean by sandbags? Weight and looks is a touchy area for women, so as much as you want to help, I think that your emphasis should be on learning what foods and diet is best for the body overall - white bread, simple sugars and carbs, soft drink is out, and complex wholegrains, fruits & vegetables and beans are in. There are many websites out there that can help both of you to become healthy inside and out. Dr Oz is an excellent program on channel 7, and I recommend Alicia Silverstone's book - The Kind Diet.


Remember though, this is your sister's issue. If it truly bothers her, then she will be the one to educate herself and analyse why she is out of proportion (eg. buying lunch instead of taking it to work, eating sugary cereals for breakfast instead of rolled oats). That is usually when people are the most successful. And just because someone complains about something, it doesn't necessarily mean they are ready or willing to change it. Otherwise they would.

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If she's willing to put effort into it she should change her diet to mostly fruits and vegetables. Any carbs should be whole grain and/or high fiber (and she should minimize these if she's not exercising). If she's going to exercise do some weight training, walking if she has time (or if not running) and yoga is good too.

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Pretty much what Drama said. The real key is diet because exercise can increase your appetite (but is really something that should be done anyway because it's healthy and will make her look good). The idea is that the foods she should be eating should be filling her up and nourishing her without a lot of calories, which means whole fruits and vegetables (not juice). Also she should carry a stainless steal water bottle around all the time.

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I should mention - she is a VEGAN. She has 'tablets' that somehow replace meat. Dont ask me how it is meant to do that. /shrug


By sandbags, is a term coined by some women. Like being thin and having a small bum, then strapping sandbags to your bum.


And by no means does this refer to myself. (obviously considering i am pretty sure i aint a girl... hmm... let me check!)

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But my sister's is ridiculously out of proportion to the rest of her body. I dont know why it is so hard for girls to lose the sandbags on their bum, but it apparently is.


I think you mean saddlebags.


Everyone's body shape is different. When I weigh more, it tends to show more in my stomach than anywhere else, though the weight does distributed throughout the body as well. I'm pretty sure I will never have large hips/butt. I have a friend that is the opposite. When she puts on weight, her stomach stays flat but her thighs & butt get a lot bigger. I would much rather have my weight distribute that way but there's not much I can do about it!


Really, if she wants to lose weight she'll have to make some dietary changes most likely as well as increase her exercise. It seems like people that take those fitness classes look dramatically different by the end of the class. You just don't push the intensity as much or as long when you exercise on your own, typically. Stay out of it unless she specifically asks you for help. She already feels enough pressure from herself to change her body, she doesn't need her brother adding to it.

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Sandbags, saddlebags... you know what i mean! Its difficult to use the terminology that some women use... Whole time they use them im like O_o.


The thing with her is that, the rest of her body is pretty nice and decent. (at least it appears that way to me... but what would i know?) It is just her bum that is the road bump. She owns a treadmill, goes to the gym, had a PT at one point, eats pretty much ONLY freaky weird fruits, vegetables and things like that. But the one thing she cant get rid of is her overly large bum. She is very happy with the rest of her body, its just her bum that p---es her off. Like an annoying fly you cant ever seem to swat.


I cant seem to remember the word for that slab of pale white cheese looking thing... that apparently is an asian 'delicacy'. To me... honestly... it really does look like you collected sheep fat, lumped it into a rectangular shape and sealed it into an airtight bag. /hurls chunks

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Some utter GARBAGE i would never dream of eating. Some cheese like stuff that isnt cheese, freaky weird beans, ONLY vegetables.... a whole lot of YUK!

Do you mean like cheese in a can? Because that isn't food. If your great-grandmother wouldn't recognise it, then you shouldn't eat it. However if you are thinking of fetta or goat's cheese, that is quite healthy. Beans are actually very good for you. They contain lots of protein and fibre and keep you feeling full for longer. However, it matters what is going along with the beans - baked beans from a tin on top of some sliced wholegrain (not multigrain or white bread, that is stuff is a candy bar for the stomach), is an ok choice, but baked beans also contain a bit of salt.


As for vegetables, it depends on the type of vegetables. The richer and darker the colour, the better. White potatoes are too simple, but orange potatoes are good (I forget their name). You are thinking of tofu. It's very good for you. It can't have lasted in Japan for so many years if it wasn't, especially of they have such low rates of cancer and disease.


And if your sister wants to educate herself, she will. Without knowing her specific diet, it's hard to suggest what she needs to change.

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That is the name! Tofu. Wouldnt touch it with a 4 metre pole. Looks positively revolting. But no. Almost everything she buys for meals is exclusively fresh and raw. Except something called 'pollenta' or something similar, which looks like squashed and bleached peas lol. Perhaps a few other dried stuff that come in plastic bags. But the majority of the stuff is raw vegetables.


Oh and going out to a restaurant with her is a pain.in.the.butt. Not because i dont like her or anything... but o.m.g she is sooo fussy when it comes to foods. Gotta know what its cooked in, how its cooked, whats in it, why things are in it, why cant they cater to her needs blah blah blah...


(she is single btw - i can only hope she isnt this way with her 'potentials' /sigh)

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Have you tried tofu? It can be cooked various different ways. Perhaps you would like it if it was cooked in a way that you liked. It's just a matter of finding out.


I think you should leave it up to her to tackle her thighs and bum size. It could just be her natural body shape.

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It sounds like your sister is already paying attention to what she eats.


I used to be pear-shaped but since going to pump classes, I've lost the weight from my legs and bum. I think all the lunges and squats have made a difference.


However......I also had an ovary removed a few years ago so the whole body change could also be a result of the reduction of estrogen in my body.


Exercise and diet are important for our health; recognizing and appreciating the body we've been born with is an important next step.

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I dont ask this question for my own sake. I am quite happy the way she is now. The problem is, SHE is not happy with way it is. I want to help her, but i dont know how or even if i should interfere. She is my sister after all, and i care for her.


BTW, so glad to see aussies galore on this site! Very good news.

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