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Missing her so much :(


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I'm on day 7 of NC.. I'm past the crying bouts (I hope), and the last few days I was doing really good. But today I had a bad day at work, and when I had a bad day in the past she was always there to pick me up and make me feel better. Now I don't have that and I just find myself missing her tremendously and it just has me questioning every thing I have done (ie. deleting her from facebook, going NC).


Idk she was my best friend and I could just use some advice/comfort that I'm doing the right thing :sad:

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She broke up with me.. I think it was a "grass is greener" situation because at the end she said she still loved me and she said that she might still want to be with me in the future. I'm not grasping on to these things, thats just what she said to me

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will you wait on her? when she might change her mind? do you want her back? i dont really have good suggestions to you..if i really cant lose someone i probs will beg him stay.

i once had an ugly fight with my bf and initially he wanted out, but i begged...he was so determined to leave but i begged for 2 hours and he has finally given me another chance..i still feel embarrassed now cuz i forfeited all my pride. honestly i didnt know if i did the right thing...he said in the end that he does love me and does wanna be with me.but i dont know if he's really overlooked it or begging made me look "pathetic" or "rediculous" in his eyes.

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