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I wish I had a clue about dating!


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Hey everyone!


Im looking for some advice, I parted a while ago with my husband and I'm now feeling confident to go back on the dating scene, but I dont have a clue about what to do as we were childhood sweethearts so ive never done the whole dating thing.


I met someone recently online who I really liked, weve had some really good chats, he said he's rea;;y enhoyed talking to me and things, he has even commented in conversation that I should join him on holiday and things. I text him tonight saying I hoped he had had a good day and Ive been blanked. Am I reading into this because I'm new at it? What should I do?

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Its been around 6 months, I understand that its still early days, but I do really like this guy. I havent been OTT, he gave me his mobile number last night then he text text me to say sweet dreams, then I text him tonight and when I went online he appeared to go off very quickly. Am i just reading into this too much? I really dont have a clue?

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I think i wa probbly just reading into it all a little too much to be honest. He text me earlier today to say that he had been really busy, sorry for not replying sooner and he asked how I was, so I waited a while then just replied saying I was good and just enjoying te sunshine while on my break, and asked how he was. Not had a reply yet, but think I just need to chill and go with the flow a little!

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