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First post but will look to also offer advice on this forum.


Recently after a number of years i contacted my ex to see how she was. She was very happy to hear from me and asked if I wanted to meet up.


We met up and although it was strange at first we had such a good time and ended up very passionately kissing. She asked me to visit her a couple of weeks later and we spent the weekend together, went out, stayed at hers but didnt sleep with each other. It was pretty much perfect.


I then asked her to visit me the following weekend which she did, again had so much fun, she stayed over and we slept together.


We then exchanged texts a couple of times since but she has a very important exam coming up that she is very stressed about.


She knocked me back about meeting up again as she is revising with the exam in a few weeks. She said that Im a distraction and she cant do anything until after the exam.


Thats totally fine and understandable but after my last text to her a couple of weeks ago to say basically I understand its no problem. Ive heard nothing from her which naturally has made me a little worried that she has had a change of mind.


I think she still loves me and she had said she cant believe how much fun we have had.


We broke up because if anything we loved each other too much and I felt at that age I needed more space and to live a little. Its still a regret because I walked away from the only girl Ive ever loved.


I absolutely adore her and I would feel like the luckiest guy in the world if we got back together.


I guess the advice im looking for is;


Should I text her to see how she is doing and wait until after her exam before asking her out again...


or will that be too much of a distraction for her?


Should I wait until after the exam before any contact?


or should I wait until she texts me (if ever)?


Im worried if i dont text her that she will think that I don't care as much as I do, At the same time Im worried that by texting her that I will be distracting her which I dont want to do.


So far we have kept everything fun without any pressure or talking too deeply. Im just unsure of how to act.


Any thoughts or advise would be very much appreciated..

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