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The person that loves me is constantly breaking my heart....

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I just got married in Jan of this year. I have had a crappy life and I really thought that I had found the person that I knew I deserved. I LOVE HIM!!! He is so good to me most of the time. He has never hit me, screamed at me or called me ugly names. The problem is my family. He doesn't like them and I don't think that he ever will. Anytime anything comes up about my family we end up mad at each other. My family has put me through hell for a long time, but they are my family and I love them. My husband thinks they take advantage of me and treat me like a doormat. He doesn't want my kids to hang out with my parents because he thinks they let the kids go hog wild and are bad examples. I feel like he is driving a wedge between my family and myself. I just don't know what to do. I can't live without him or my family, but I can't keep going on being stuck in the middle.

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First time i ever heard of someone else besides myself being called a doormat lol! (girls call me that lol)


Something doesnt make sense about your post, perhaps you could elaborate. For example, the part of the forum you posted this in, the topic, and the things you wrote. Perhaps i am just misunderstanding?


I would just like to add, that despite problems between husband and family, people were able to live peacefully. My Mother's sister's son is married to a lady who's parents are hated by his mother (mind bending is painful). Yet they are married, have a kids and live reasonably happy. It CAN work, but i would imagine it would require a lot of work to achieve and make work.


Of course that is not to say it will work for you, but it is possible. It is considerably better to have both teams on your side, but nothing in this world is perfect.


I cant suggest a solution apart from the information i have already provided. I can also wish you the best of luck.

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