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Each day goes by and I still feel just...

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Each day goes by and I still feel just as worse as the day before. I hurt the man I love, I put him in a bad position and I still feel horrible about it. Even though he said it is over and done with and still says he loves me and cares for me alot. He said we just need to move forward. But inside I still feel horrible. I am sad that I did that to the man I love and the person I know is good to me. I don't know how to forgive myself for the stupid things I did. I just want to get it out of my mind. I even sent him an edible arrangement yesterday so I could feel better about what happened but I still feel emotionally embarrassed and drained from the whole situation. I know I was drinking and emotionally not thinking correctly (that is no excuse). I just feel horrible. He still calls or texts everyday but I ask if I can see him and he says he will c. He said he needed to take a step back. I just want things to be back to how they were before what happened. He knows how bad i feel and he tells me to let it go, but i have never felt this horrible about something i have done to someone, I think a lot of it has to do that I am very embarrassed by my actions, they were out of line. How can I make myself feel better? Will he come back around where I can see him again, I miss him so much and it has only been a few days. I also cant eat, my stomach is so upset.

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I guess it really depends on what you actually did to him. You never mention what it was, and therefore how 'hurtful' it was. I think i will just assume the worst. 'That'.


I think you need to give him time, as something like that can be really damaging to someone's self confidence and self worth. I do believe he is still leaving the door slightly ajar, so i wouldnt give up hope.


I would suggest you busy yourself with something you enjoy, whilst letting him know how you feel. If he knows how you feel, and that you thoroughly regret what you did, there is a small chance he will be able to forgive and grant you a second chance.


Dont forget, both girls AND guys have a heart that can in fact be crushed. If you feel horrible, chances are, so does he.


Best of luck with your man.

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Like i said, you need to busy yourself with something you enjoy whilst he makes up his mind. I think you just need patience. You need to be prepared for both endings. Hope for the best. People make mistakes, even big ones we regret straight after. You are not a robot who cant make a mistake. You seem genuinely, deeply sorry for your actions, and you have made that known to him. Now you need to step back also and let him process it. Allow him the time and perhaps he will reward you for being upfront and completely honest.


Be positive.

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