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Having Trouble Climaxing


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And it's not just with sex, it's been since day one.


I have no problem getting it up or anything, I have difficulty cumming. I'm absolutely in love with this girl and I think she's wonderful and amazing and everything, but that doesn't change anything. The fact is that every time she does something, I have to work to orgasm. I have to really push it with my PC muscles. It's don't know if it's her fault though, because she gives amazing head and is very good with her hands. I feel like I've almost lost it a few times in her mouth, but I'm very cautious about that because she hates the taste of sperm. But, I'm not really unsatisfied, because the orgasm is very rewarding and unlike anything I could experience myself, I just want to know if this difficulty is normal.


Where this is really causing me trouble, however, is during sex. I'm great at it, but she's really become concerned about why I haven't been able to finish inside of her. I think I still might have some fears about having an accidental child that are really keeping me from climaxing during sex. Even though she does birth control and I use a condom, I still have a slight fear because one of the first times we had sex, she bled and blood got inside of the condom. The condom was on all the way, wasn't broken, and never slid off, I made sure of that. That just gave me a fear, and I don't know how the blood got in there or how normal it is, I just no longer felt safe. I think this is what the main root of my fear is, but I have no way to get over it.


She has no problem finishing me off after sex, but she just revealed to me that it really concerns her that I can't orgasm during sex, so much so that she has actually begun to lose confidence in her own attractiveness and image. I've done everything I can to tell her that that's simply not true, but she still ultimately feels responsible for my inability to climax during sex. She's guilty to the point that she'd prefer me to cum early rather than not at all. We're still fairly new to sex and have only done it five or six times, but she's increasingly becoming concerned.


How do I get over this?

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I have this problem in the sense that intercourse is not enough to get me to climax - only outside stimulation (clitoris by oral or hands) and I've lied about it every time up until a few months ago with my man. I found in the past no matter how long someone went down on me even, if I wasn't 100% comfortable with that person, I could never achieve orgasm.


In the same light, even now that I've finally found someone to be comfortable with, I have to tense up and almost "force" or "coax" it to happen. For me it's normal, and even when I masturbate (which is often) I still have to tense up, so I guess to me it's nothing new. However I know girls that orgasm perfectly fine with penetration and girls that don't have to tense up - that's just not me.


I think your main thing is you need to be able to be comfortable, with all of it. With the condom and BC and her etc. If you are 100% comfy and still can't then perhaps you're like me *shrug*


Hope that helps!

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Actually Miss, i was somewhat the same with my second girl. First girl, it was very easy to explode in her. Second... yeah not so much... i too had to 'tense' up or somewhat 'push' (lol how do you describe something like that??) myself to explode. A couple times i didnt let on about it not happening and after she came, i just pretended to be finished and yeah stopped. Thankfully i doubt she ever found out.


Hmm how to describe it... my legs 'tensed' up, lower body tensed as if ready for a heavy load... sigh... forget it... this aint even making sense LOL! Suffice to say.. i was pretty much at the gym when i was with her.


My guess would be that she was 'loose' ? is maybe the word? Umm.. 'well worn' ? Sigh i dont know.


EDIT - Oh i just forgot, it is possible to being going at it inside a girl like a jackhammer who just isnt 'stimulating' your torpedo and never be able to explode. Meaning the walls just arent 'frictiony' (lol stupid word). I know this probably isnt the case, but i thought i would put that out there too.

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