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Birth Control Question


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Hey guys just a quick question.


My girlfriend has been on the pill for a few months. It's Allesse, low dose tablets, rotation of 3 weeks of hormone pills and one week of placebos. This may sound utterly ridiculous and obvious, but I'd rather take a step to better understand what's going on by asking a question and sounding ignorant than wondering and potentially making a bad decision.


So my question is during that week of placebo pills, is the birth control completely uneffective? We use condoms every time we have sex. If we had sex a couple days after her period ended, but still in that window of the 4th week, would there be any secondary means of BC or would the condom be our only protection?



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This is my first time hearing of Allesse, but on oral contraceptives, you have the same protection during the placebo week that you have the rest of the time.


I've heard this too. For me though, I just don't have sex during the placebo week just as a precaution.

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