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Here is something i just wanted to share.


Back 10 years ago, when i was searching for a 'perfect match' (impossible i know), i was always searching for things that arent really 'searchable'. I guess, way back then, i was searching for someone with things like myself.


I never wanted a girl who would go to night clubs or bars as i found the prospect of someone from those places as not very interesting. But guess what, i went anyway LOL! I know what your thinking - why go to places to find someone who does not go to such places! Usually i went with my best mate at the time, just because i thought of going to such places by myself to be actually quite boring. Of all the times i went, i had fun drinking and talking with my buddy. Occasionally we would do stupid stuff like drinking games or playing pool against the local jocks (most of the time we won!) or talking about all the 'works of art'


Stupid thing was, i was far too interested in talking and messing around with my mate, to actually do the thing i went for - looking for girls who dont go there!


Even 10 years on i still cant figure out why i did that, knowing i was searching for things in the 100% wrong places. And i went to those places almost every single weekend without fail for many months. I didnt even like going, but i went anyway... i guess because my mate went. (no i never actually got drunk... not that sort of person)


If you can remotely figure out what the hell i was doing back then, your doing way better than me!


Swear i must have had my head screwed on backwards ROFL! I suppose i should be happy i had some fun being there doing stupid stuff. ''Young and stupid'' probably sums up my fresh 20's What do you guys/girls think?

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Oh, and with the drinking games... for some reason i could REALLY hold my booze very well. 6-7 shots/shooters... after a couple beams/jacks... and barely losing much of my balance. Sad i lost that ability somewhere. I was pretty damn good at it!

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You're 30. You should know by now that you'll never be happy in life until you learn to accept yourself for who you are and be happy with that.

You're the type of guy who goes to clubs with his mates for the purpose of hanging out with his mates and when doing that has absolutely no interest in meeting women. Do you really need someone to connect the dots for you? Maybe women aren't your thing.

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I don't waste a lot of time chasing after women, either. But that's because I realize that it's a dead-end into the lost phantom zone where I know that a lot of wasted days will vanish off too and that I'll never get those back. But I've personally made that decision as it's much better for me that I do not meet/greet a lot of women on the regular. We all have a choice in life. I've certainly made mine and chasing after tail is not my #1 priority for existence.

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