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Saw my ex today after a year and ....

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It's like someone just cut me on a wound that was never healed.


My ex cheated on me for 1.5 years with a girl from Canada. When I finally left him ... he moved her in with him. This was last August. We haven't talked since then.


He and I were together 5.5 years.


Today, I was at an event and saw him and her drive by. I haven't really been able to stop crying. It is absolutely killing me!!!! No matter how much I want to hate him and want to remember how hurt he made me ... I am still 100% in love with him and I don't know how to stop feeling this way.


And seeing her in person ... god ... she's gorgeous and so young! (she's 17 years younger than him and 6 years younger than me)


It's just playing over and over in my head. I have to go back to this event for the next 4 days and I'm DREADING it. I'm physically sick to my stomach over it and I don't know how to move on.


Please ... someone tell me how I can cope with this?!


Thank you

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Well I think the first thing is to remember how you were feeling yesterday. Nothing has changed except some memories are closer to the surface now than they were yesterday.


Otherwise, I bet what you are feeling isnt really love, I mean how can you possibly love someone who would disrespect you like that? Youll get through it. You will get through this event and you will come out stronger for making it through.

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I can feel how hard the situation you are in. If this event is not so important to your life, I suggest not to attend on the remaining days since you've already know its effect on you. It seems that your heart haven't completely healed yet. And what's worst is, the situation might tear down all the efforts you've done for you to be able to stay breathing since the day he left up to now. But if this is an event that you can't afford to miss, go get yourself ready to face them. Try to take this event as an opportunity for you to make him feel that you are now ok, you have moved on and he's just nothing. Don't hold on to your good memories. This won't help you today. Think about how much hurt he have caused you instead. He cheated on you. He have hurt you so badly that possibly made you feel miserable. He once won, 1.5 year ago, would you still allow to have him the victory today?


If you can draw a smile to them, go. If not, its ok. You can pretend as if they don't exist or you don't know them if this will make you feel a bit comfortable with the situation. There's no other way but to act in the next 4 days as if you are ok, for you to survive the event. SMILE often, and talk to the people present on the event. You also need to focus on other things. Keep yourself busy. Avoid looking, observing them, most especially the girl. You'll just hurt yourself more.


Others might not agree with my suggestion but I can't think of any ways for you to survive the awkward situation as I feel that you haven't completely moved on, and accepted your past. Much more, you haven't understand why your relationship ended this way. But I tell you, this is normal. And everything happens for a reason. God allow things to happen for our own good. He has a better plan than ours. You have to trust Him. Pray tonight, and ask Him to give you courage and strength to face them with the big smile.


Once the event is over, you have to reassess yourself. I may not be in the position to tell you this, but I think, your 100% inlove is not true. He belongs to your past and no longer part of your present. We cannot figure out if he will be part of your future as time can only tell. So don't waste so much time thiking about it. Try to get out of the box you are in for you to see what other good surprises life has to offer. Else, you will be forever a prisoner of your past.


Time will come that you'll just smile everytime you remember this situation. And as you look back, you'll be thankful that these things happened to you. This will help you become a stronger person you never thought you could be.


Let go of your yesterday as no one has a power to change it. Live today to have a better tomorrow.


Hope it helps.

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Take a giant step backwards and look at this pathetic man for who he really is. He is 43 years old. 7 years ago when you first started dating him, he was 36 years old and you were 25. 4 years later you were hitting close to 30 and that is when he started cheating on you with a woman who was around 23 or so (and he was 40...a middle-aged man). This man likes to be with women in their 20's, no matter how old he is. I suspect once this woman hits 29, he will be off scouting for another 23 year old. This man is immature and just wants his fun with young women. So forget about the good times you had with him..that is simply the outer surface..how he charms the young ladies. He is not a very admirable man.

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