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He told me to put his number in my phone


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I work for promotional companies and travel all around... I've been to this store a few times and have flirted with a few of the employees... One of them told me about a trip he was going on last time I was there and I asked him how excited he was to go... to which he responded for me to come with him and I kinda shied off... I don't really know him at all! but he's fun to flirt with and then I was leaving and he said I should really come and I said sure! and he told me to put his number in my phone..


I texted him I was excited to go ... he responded for me to get ready ... and i put a smiley face... haven't heard anything back...


is this guy into me? I'm not going to text him or call... I've failed in the past by pursuing the guy. this time they can pursue me.. it's so hard not to ... any thoughts? do you think he's into me? and if so how long do I wait to hear from him? the trip is in a month.. hoping he writes to me before then or I'm not sure I'd want to go spend 2 days with someone I don't know..

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