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Does this mean he's really interested in me?


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I met my boyfriend overseas and we've been dating eversince, although it is a long distance relationship for now.


My family has been really nosey about him and wants to find out who is he. I kept this pretty much underwraps with this guy because I knew this would happen with my family.


They have tried to call him several times and without my consent sent him a message asking for his contact details so they could meet and introduce themselves. ugh.


My boyfriend told me about it and says it really worries him if my mother and family dislikes him and he doesn't want to seem rude so he texted back against my wishes, i told him not to because i didnt want him to have to be interogated about anything.


He said my family can call him and email him if they want to.


Does this mean that he's really interested in me? possibly even serious about us?

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