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sucky situation


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i met a girl online about a month ago, and we instantly hit it off. maybe too quickly. i had a feeling it was moving too fast but we both confessed we were attracted and had some sort of feelings since we clicked. she spent weekends at my house and we would do things together and have a good time. last week she tells me she wants to see other people and keep her options open.


this is a sucky feeling because i feel i could have prevented it if i followed my own ground rules.

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Run away. If she doesn't want to make you exclusive she is not worth your time.


Trust me I dated a girl exactly like this. She gave me the whole "Maybe sometime ill be ready but not now" bull * * * * . We hung around and wasted 6 months, she was screwing around the whole time and maintaining the 'relationship'.


Id honestly say "ok thats your decision no worries" and leave. No one deserves that.

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