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what is going to happen next? any experience out there?


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My college senior friend has been having an affair with a married women, co-worker and friends wife, for five months. He is about to graduate and she has two little ones (one six months old) and is a HS drop out (no job) but gorgeous and a porn star appetite for sex. She and her husband have just announced that they are getting a divorce due to "mutual unhappiness". My friend is in love with her I think, but has $800 a month student loan payments coming up soon, and a need to find a job worthy of his degree. Will they end up together? If so will there be a happy ending? Anyone know anyone that has been through this?

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Statistically speaking based on the information you provided, I'd say they don't have a huge percentage of a chance of success, but you can never say for sure. It certainly won't be an easy path but not impossible, either.


Couples that get married right out of high school have a lower chance of marital success than couples who marry older, but I can think of at least 3 couple off the top of my head from my hich school class (of less than 100 students) who got married shortly after high school. They are all still together, but it's only been 8 years & it ain't over til it's over. There's always an exception to the rule. You never know. Why are you worried about it?

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They literally have -0- chance of success.


1: People to whom have realtion based on affair 75% failure rate.


2: He/she has baggage children and debt.


3: Most likely he is very inexperienced in love making.


Truth hurts but there it is.

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