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Facebook flirting session...my stance, but need advice!


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So there was this girl that added me on facebook from a class we had last semester, but we didn't talk that much.


I struck up the initial chat and we flirted back and forth about various things very playful and nothing too serious with no real innuendos, it felt a bit creepy to do so since we never really chatted before.


Anyway this little chat session lasted an hour or even more wasn't really paying attention, doing homework and watching tv, and browsing the internet.


It ended seemingly well, but when I asked for her number because I was going to bed she kinda left me hanging longer than usual so I just signed off, and never got it...


I know it was just playful flirting and if she was interested I would have gotten the number, but I was curious to just stick with this mentality and just leave it alone? Or start to push again after a few days?

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