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What would you do if you found your BF on a dating site?


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Just because it's relevant and newsworthy, I will quote a news story about Senator Weiner (I mean, really? I canNOT believe that's his name):


"A visibly choked up Weiner confessed he had been inappropriately communicating with six women over the last three years, including while he was married. He claims none of these interactions were physical, and they were all "women that I met on Facebook." "


So, it seems like even a Facebook or Twitter account can lead men astray. I mean, good lord...

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If I were her, I would check in a few days and make sure it is gone.


He could create a profile on a completely different dating site and/or create a new one on the same site but without a picture. Has she checked to see if he is any other sites?


See how easy it is to start distrusting someone when you find out they have an online dating profile that they are still actively using.

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My friend discovered her boyfriend of 9 months has a dating profile and the last log-in date was 5 days ago. It says he's single and looking to date. To her, they were in love and committed.


Is there any situation in which this would NOT be a bad sign?


I would break up with him. There would be no asking him why, etc. Some things are just self-explanatory.

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