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who do you know you blew it?


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ill keep it short.. everything has been going great with an old friend, started becoming a lot closer in the friendship... we spent a few days together hanging out... she reinitiates conversations with me when i stop talking, always makes room for me to sit next to her and we end up leaning on each other... laughs at all my jokes, pays attention to me the most out of all people the room, its pretty clear theres something there...


as the week went on, things kind of went downhill and i feel like i tried too hard and pressured her to hang out with me so i sent her some long message apologizing for it and that i didnt want to be remembered as a headache... i never contacted her since then, nor has she contacted me, almost a week since this happened...


did i just completely shoot myself in the foot and ruined whatever little chemistry that was once building up?

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