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Im letting Go!!


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ok...So, ive been messing with this girl since Feb. Things have gone extremely well for these few months. We talked about exclusivity twice, but never went down that road yet. She has bought me tickets to shows, gifts, bleh bleh bleh...shes always like we have a uber good time togeather blah blah blah... so here is the reason im about to abandon ship lol......She keeps going and hanging out with this dude, i hate i already told her i dont like him, but since were not togeather i have no say.. Its also like she wants to know what im doing, i tell her and ask back, and she takes like 5-6 hrs to respond..then later she tells me she went out with that * * * * ing lame ass dude again. She says there just friends and that she has my back more than his, but im starting to see this as bull * * * * ..i think i messed up by showing her affection..idk


Am i wrong for wanting to abandon this ship??

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