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Is it normal to have a change in mood without apparent reason?

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I can change from melancholy to happy over night, sometimes hours or even minutes without necessarily a clear reason why. Ive never been massively concerned with it, just accepting it as part of being me. I have mood swings basically, usually from the depressed to the giddy. Not like an average person though, much more intense.


Do i have anything to worry about here?

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I am like this too.


My father was diagnosed with bipolar disorder some years back. So my mood swings are something that I am very aware of. I'm pretty sure I don't have bipolar like my dad, but I have the same tendency to swing between depression and elation. When my mood is "up" I am very creative and don't need much sleep. When I am down I lose interest in everything.


So far its not something I really worry about, but I am aware that possibly the right set or circumstances or triggers in the future could make for a "full blown" episode of depression or mania and then I could end up having to be medicated like my dad.


You should be careful to get enough sleep, avoid recreational drug use, have a healthy diet, all those kinds of things that will help keep your moods even.

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What you describe is the behavior of someone who is bipolar. I would get professional advise regarding this. My daughter is bipolar and she takes medication prescribed by a psychiatrist to stablize her moods.


Ive been thinking about certain issues that i have. I think my mood changes are too quickfire in how they form to be bipolar. In fact, a lot of my mood changes parallel BPD. Recently ive thought about the possibility of seeking therapy as i can relate to the traits of AvPD, but, someone has recently brought to my attention that i have traits of BPD, with social anxiety. This would explain my mood swings.


Im hardly diagnosing myself here though, but all ive explained in this thread is my moods, but i have many issues that are life affecting.

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It seems that you need to seek the help of a professional to obtain an accurate diagnosis so that you can proceed to remedy the situation.


Yes, you are right. I knew this already, but, i realize i have to seek professional help if i am to have any chance of controlling my deeper issues.

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