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6 months on

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Hi guys,


I haven't been on this site for months now, but felt that an update was needed, as I found other peoples time lines really helpful.


BACKGROUND INFO - Together for 5 years. 6 months since BU.


In all honesty, I've come a long way from breaking down in the shower for what seemed like no reason...


In general, I am probably better than I've ever been. I go to the gym. I finally have a decent full time job. I see a lot more of my friends and I am a great deal wiser in life.


I'm no longer staring at my phone and wandering why its not ringing. She is no longer my first and last thought (most of the time).


At times, it can still be incredibly hard. I still feel lonely. I still crave affection. I still miss sharing special moments with her (getting this job).


But the main thing is, I can see myself having a future with another woman, and more importantly, I have realised that we weren't meant to be together.


One thing that does concern me and play on my mind a lot, is that I still haven't seen her since the BU. (NC for 5 months straight).

I am pretty terrified because I truly believe that our paths will cross again one day, but at the same time I am almost looking forward to it. I look better, I have money and I think that I will be able to hold my head up high and then break down about it after!


I guess what I'm trying to say is that even though you may not have that person to tell you how well you are doing and how proud of you they are, you need to be able to do that for yourself. Honestly, there is no better feeling than looking in the mirror, standing on your own two feet and patting yourself on the back. No matter how small the achievements are, be proud of what you are doing, because you deserve it.

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I don't know your full story, as I was inactive at the time you signed up and were posting, but I will say it sounds like you're doing a lot better these days. 5 years is a long time, and I think you are where most people would want to be after 6 months, it will only continue to get easier. I was dumped in a 4+ year relationship, going back about 4 years ago. It took many months for the real deep hurt to stop, I even dated someone for 3 months about 6 months after it happened. I thought I was ready, but I really wasn't. It took about 18 months and 3-4 flings later before I was able to fall in love again, but when I did, it was even better than the first time.

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