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When did we become so dependant on...


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On Saturday my Blackberry Torch was fried by the rain. Totally bricked...won't turn on. That little device was my life. ALL my contacts, events calendar, bbm contacts....ALL GONE.


I feel so sh*tty and empty right now...What bugs me most is that I recently met this wonderful girl, we had our first date which went very well and now I've lost her phone number. What a terrible weekend it's been. I need to break my dependence on this little device.


Sitting here impatiently waiting for her call....



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Weird, I hate technology.. yeah I use my computer for coming here, and doing whatever else.. but if I lost my phone.. big deal?

There's nothing I hate more than when I ask someone to come hang out, and they spend the whole time on their phones texting and all that..

Personally, I just leave my phone in the car when I go out, or am at work, and usually have it on silent at home, and will check it to see if I missed something once every few hours.


I never understood why people depend on these phones so much?

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I can't be without my phone or internet either. Last cruise I went on was hell. All I thought about was being online, even dragged my dad into a electronics store in St. Maartin cause I wanted a laptop for when I was on the boat, but he said we'd would get one when we got back home, so I ran up a $600 phone bill getting online from my phone & texting...which my mom got down to $76. The woman is unbelievable.


Hopefully she'll text you, if she likes you, she should.

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I still use good old fashioned paper address books and paper agendas. One in my purse and one at home. Sure it is extra work writing addresses and plans in two places..but if I lose the address book and agenda in my purse, I still have that information at home.


I have noticed that when people have to look up a phone number or what is in their calendar, it takes them forever to click through everything they have to click through in order to get the information from their phone. It takes me two seconds by opening my agenda or address book to the right page.

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I really hate that we've gradually become dependent on technology. Yea it's good. Yea it helps us. But, most of us lose sight of the simpler things in life just cos we're Bbm'ing and texting, Im'ing and whatnot.


There are times I wish I wasn't born in this day and age.

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My dad has an interesting theory on cell phones, and I've no doubt he's right. Rather than call, people have a tendency to text. Has phones been invented where you could send written messages before phone calls, then everyone would be all about making phone calls.


I have friends who get frustrated when my phone beeps and I ignore it. If I am with a person, I am with that person. I cannot stand people texting the whole time we hang out. Phones call I will check and see if it's family or not. If it is, I'll probably answer, but if it isn't important I'll call back later.

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Damn, I feel sorry mate, I too have BB torch and it's an awesome phone. I don't have many contacts, nor much of stuff in calendar, I don't really use bbm, and if I didn't have it, I would care much. But since I experienced having it, I would sure miss that awesome design, splendid qwerty keyboard and reading internet blogs every morning on my way to work. It's just too fun.

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