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Kind of bitter and full of resentment after break up


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I posted [thread]384236[/thread] about my break up.


I don't know why I feel this way. In my head, I'm better off without him. In my heart, I feel betrayed, like what we had meant nothing to him. I don't have the itch to contact him and if I did, I just want to curse and yell at him for leading me on to believe in a fantasy that he created. I blame myself because I should have known better. Yet, when it comes to love and romance, you can't help it, except succumb to the feeling and emotion.


Why do some people think it's not wrong to have a harem/legion of lovers just so they can feel wanted and needed? I don't understand this logic.


Wanted to add that I HATE HIM!

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Listen to your fav music.

Bake a cake?

Or some cookies?

Then send them to me!

I'll pm you my address. LOL.


Seriously tho,

Anger sticks and love releases.

Your hate will drag you down and itll last a while.

Just try and love and forgive him as if he was a child.

That way you'll move on.

People (some people) don't even deserve your hate.


Now send me those cookies.


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Awww - thank you, everyone, for cheering me up! I really appreciate it. I just cleaned my room all day. And it didn't help that buried under a pile of unopened mail, surfaced a card he sent with the bouquet on Valentine's Day. I miss him.


Danny77, a batch of cookies coming up! Look for it in the mail in a week or so. Lol


I have an etiquette question about breaking up. My ex bought me a laptop, I'm not obligated to return it since it's a gift from him, right?

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My ex also sent me a laptop!

She said for me to keep it.

I would think that you should keep it.

Unless he specifically askes for it back.


I look at mine as a booby prize.


Hey, don't worry about finding little things about thr place that remind you of him.

There will always be some things left behind.

I find stuff and when I do I quickly run it to the trash as if it was a timebomb.

It's gone in seconds.

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