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14 days of n contact and now its hitting me!

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I thought I was doing fine, I had a holiday this week for a few nights so that kept my mind off her but got back yesterday and now I really miss her. I think its missing a relationship more then I miss her though. We broke up because she was too busy with her own commitments. It was her first serious relationship in 8 years and I think it scared her because I am a lot more settled then her and she still wants to travel etc down the road. The last text she sent me was can we at least be civil in work? I didnt reply to that because I just didnt feel like I had to, I mean she knows I'm not an a**hole or anything so why would I need to say anything to that. I saw her once in work since the break up and just said good morning and smiled. I think I just want to know she is thinking about me and misses me. I think with how busy she is she hasnt even thought about it. No contact is extremely difficult now. I did the usual stuff, deleted her off gtalk, we werent even friends on facebook because she hates people knowing her "business". Funny thing is she is still friends with 1 of my friends on facebook, i dont know why she hasnt blocked her herself on gtalk or even deleted my friend off her facebook account! I signed up to online dating there to just try and get my confidence back and not think about her and I was surprised to get a lot of girls message me but I just dont have any interest.

I read a ebook to get your ex back and they said no contact for 30 days minimum, try and let her know you are having loads of fun as femaltes will miss you more after the 3-4 weeks stage! Ugh i wish she would just text me to let me know she is thinking about me but sure I wouldnt even know how to respond!

Sorry for the long post, guess I am just looking to vent. This is my second decent relationship, I remember the first one I was a mess and did the usual drunk dialling begging for another chance. Im pretty proud of myself that this is day 14 and I havent text her. ugh I hope I get over this soon.

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If you miss being in a relationship then maybe it is time to be alone for a while so you don't feel like you need a relationship anymore. Don't think about getting her back, you need to move on and focus on yourself, you can't be hanging around the rest of your life waiting for a phonecall or a text that will probably never arrive. Give it time, stay no contact and stay busy, within a few months you will feel a lot better.

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