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Girl from my past in my future?


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It's been a while since I posted, but here it goes...(i'm going to have to use names to keep the story straight, but none of you know them, so it should be ok.)


I'm not one for being the life of the party, so i'm not really spontaneous when it comes to women, so I haven't gotten much attention or practice in flirting with women these days. But anyways, I called a friend of mine Lisa after I came back from a night with some friends at a bar. I wasn't tired, and I didn't want to sit around bored off my butt. Lisa called me back 3 hours later. When she called, she said hi, there was a brief pause, I heard "is that him?" and handed the phone to a girl I have had a thing for since my freshman year in college. I was like "ok?" Her name is Julia. Julia and I haven't talked since we were what she called "best friends." We always hung out, but her and I were dating different people when we met, and both our relationships obviously didn't work out. Anyways, Julia started talking telling me that she was very drunk, and then starting asking me why i'm transferring colleges so far away from them, instead of transferring to their college which is alot closer and is pretty much the same tuition. She sounded disappointed because she kept telling me that if I had transferred to her college that we all could hang out more often and go out and drink. Btw, Julia and I have rarely spoken in 2 years since she transferred away from me. She told me to text her anytime I want to now, and that she knew I had her number and that I was like her best friend our freshman year and she misses hanging and being around me. After that, she said that we would talk later and she gave the phone back to Lisa Lisa, who was sober, said that Julia was very drunk, and Julia wanted to talk to me and Lisa wanted to let me hear how Julia talks when she's drunk. Then Lisa said they had to go, and that she was going to hang out with Julia. ](*,)


The thing is, i'm going to transfer regardless, but it's messing with my mind now. She WAS drunk at the time when she said all that stuff. I still like her cookee mind and she is attractive to me to this day. But is it really worth it to let her stop me from transferring? My plans are almost set. Moreover, it's got me thinking will I ever cross paths with her in my lifetime again after my degree is finished, but before she's married in our lifetimes? Or should I just put it all in fate? Lol. :sad:

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I would not change your life plans for somebody who you have not spoken to in 2 years. Instead I would make steps to communicating with her more and getting to know each other again. I don't know the distance between you now, or when you transfer, but many couples manage to conduct relationships from afar. One step at a time.

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I agree, don't change your plans on a whim for what may not even be a legitimate chance with this girl. As it stands, it's simply a chance at a chance, and turning your life upside-down for that sounds like a mistake I would make... lol.


If it gives you any comfort, I've recently had my first love from college re-enter my life after seven years, a divorce and two kids on her part, and a failed engagement on mine. It does happen, especially if the feelings are there and are mutual.


I also want to echo what anya said: keep in contact! I know what it's like to find someone who's special to you in a unique way. It's often hard to put your finger on directly, but there's something about them that drives you crazy, some personality quirk, some interesting chemistry, or like you said, her kooky mind. Those kinds of attractions are very rare in my experience, and can make other potential partners seem lacking in their wake. So explore this! Talk to her more! Yeah, she may have had to get drunk to get the nerve up to talk to you, but this is most likely a positive!


#1: Needing alcohol for courage usually belies extreme nervousness, which itself is a sign that she likes you.

#2: Alcohol is the poor man's truth serum. Assume everything she told you was the truth, meaning that she misses you, doesn't want you to go, and would like it if you re-opened the lines of communication.


Best of luck, man!

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