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Question about a dream

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This is off topic, but this is the closest forum this site offers on the subject of dreams. I;ve done some looking around already and the internet offers very little in the way of an explanation for this dream thats been recurring every week or so for a month now. I figure I'll let everybody here have a crack at it.


The dream is where I'm going about my daily life as usual- talking to the same people that I normally do and generally doing everythnig as I would normally do things in the waking world. The difference is that when I talk to those people, I have conversations that are very distinctly different (read as polar opposite) of what I'd usually talk about.


For instance: theres someone in my everyday life that is a staunch country music fan and absolutely LOATHES anything thats not country music. In my dream, the conversation we've been having once a week is how they went to the Nirvana concert and had a BLAST.


Another for instance: one person in real life is one of those people that will NEVER do anything even remotely extreme in their life. This person, upon entering an amusement park, will head straight for the mini-golf course and for all intents and purposes, the rest of the park may as well not exist. In my dream, he's talking about being SO INCREDIBLY HYPED about riding the newest rollercoaster that just opened up, and he's trying to convince me to go for five or six rounds on the damn thing.


Just for the hell of it another for instance: There's this one person in my daily routine that is an AVID hunter. I'm reasonably sure he's eaten every type of animal on earth (and I dont know for sure, but I wouldnt bet against someone wagering that he's eaten human) This guy has enough guns and bows to start a small war, and enough animal pelts to become the Rockefeller of the fur trade if he were to bring all of them back in time to the early 1800's. In my dream, I have lunch with him and in my dream he's a vegetarian, very passivist, and the topic over lunch is how guns should be banned.


There are many more examples i could list- they all follow the same theme: Me having a conversation with someone I know, but the topics and occasionally the person is the polar opposite of how they are in reality.


What the hell does this mean?

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