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Master's Degree?

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Hey all, quick question.


Can I apply to a Master's program after I have completed all necessary credits before undergraduate graduation, but BEFORE receiving my official transcript/diploma?


The graduation date I have unfortunately comes AFTER the deadline for applying to my master's program and I would like to avoid waiting a half year to apply.

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You should be able to unless the program specifies you need work experience beyond the bachelor's or something like that. The program does expect the degree to be conferred before enrolling though, and you'll have to provide proof with final official transcripts for your undergrad degree upon enrolling in the program (or as soon as you can get them).


I went straight bachelor's-->master's-->PhD and the above was the drill.

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Typically there will be language somewhere in graduate school applications that says you either need to HAVE the undergrad degree or ANTICIPATE COMPLETING the undergrad degree prior to enrolling. If you do not complete the degree, they will take away your offer of admission. But this is not unusual at all. Many people apply for graduate school while still finishing up their undergrad.

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I'm not applying any time soon, so sorry for the confusion! God no, I like to plan things much farther in advance than that.


I will be trying to apply next March, while I will graduate possibly around May.


That sounds fine, in many countries you will then get a 'conditional offer' which will be confirmed once your transcripts are ready/ graduation is confirmed.

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