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Sometimes I feel so awkward around my coworkers


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I have been thinking alot about social awkwardness lately. I realize that a great deal of the time, I feel uncomfortable around my new coworkers. I didn't feel this way when I knew most of my former coworkers and ancillary staff. But, I have been on my job for about 4 months now. I have noticed a lot of cliches and backbiting there. Being that I already felt some kind of way, all the exclusivity there is very unsettling at times.


Every now and then I will bite the bullet and try to conversate and connect with a few of them. Some attempts are met favorably but, when I hit a stonewall (i.e., someone who offers no verbal feedback, eye contact, etc.) I retreat in my "bubble" and remain quiet for quite a while afterward.


I think I am a likeable person. There are many people who seem to enjoy me as a person. However, on my new job, a lot of them just don't seem to "get me". I'm not one to be phony so, when I sense that someone doesn't care for me, I just avoid them.


I would really like to form a comradery with my new coworkers but, the fact is, I just have to accept that not everyone will like me.


I'm open to any suggestions or advice to ease the feelings of awkwardness.

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