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should i call him


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My boyfriend still hasn't called me all day. Last time I spoke to him was 2 30 yesterday when he told me he was coming by. But he never did. I call him once more last night round 12 30 he answered this time sounded like he was with friends he stated that he would call me back but never did I have been waiting all day but he hasn't call once but he had the time to call my brother for something but not me and no we didn't have a fight.nothing should I call I don't think I should but I have this feeling like I should.why.I'm just in the dark right now.

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I understand your frustration, I've experienced something similar. Unfortunately, what you should do is probably not what you want to do. You must tell him that this behaviour-- not calling when he says he will, and not showing up when he says he wil-- must stop immediately, that it it totally unacceptable, and if he does not stop you will break up with him because you will not tolerate disrespect. Then break up with him if he keeps it up. Either he will stop it at once, or he will will regret the rbeakup and come back to you afterwards offering to stop it, or he is an uncaring, inconsiderate lout without whom you are better off.

Or, you can keep putting up with it and be unhappy.

I did this with my guy (we had multiple issues, and that was one) and it was the saddest time of my life being in NC, but he came back and thingsare much better. Some guys need a wakeup call, and some guys aren't worth bothering with.

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