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Does female ejaculation leave stains?


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This is pretty embarrassing but I have to ask. Ok so my girlfriend got in the mood last night and I wanted to do something to help her get a little of that mood off, unfortunately we didn't have any condoms. So I suggested if she wanted me to go in a couple times. She replied with a yes, but we had to be quick about it because I had to leave soon and her mama was downstairs. I didn't take off my boxers I just put it through the slit thats in most boxers (guys you know what I'm talking about) and I went in. Once I pulled out I saw some wet spots on my boxers but just ignored it. So after I left and I went to take a shower I noticed some white spots on my boxers, now, this doesn't look like normal male cum nor does it feel really crusty like male cum does. So can anyone tell me if female cum leaves stains and is there anyway to wash it off?

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