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rebuilding my life after the ex really sucks and is so hard to do...

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Man this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am 49, live in a city where all of my friends were also friends of my ex. I am complete NC with her and do not want any reminders of her so I have cut off the mutual friends.


Now I am trying to rebuild my life from scratch. This is so hard! I work from home and am doing my best to meet new people. Joined some meet up groups and am trying to get out more.


All of this makes me miss the ex but I will not reach out to her ever again. It is not so much her anymore that I miss but the fun we had and the friends. I think I am just lonely.


This is going to be a long road but I have not choice. I really wish I had more friends, it would be so much easier. ](*,)


Anyone else going through the same thing? Any success stories of how you got through it?

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I am in a sort of similar process, well I started thinking about rebuilding my life today... Its just difficult with the constant barrage of thoughts about the ex....


And it is difficult when there isnt many people you can talk to, I feel very alone at times...


Thats why I decided to get a job in a social environment, retail or something, even though I dont need one (already work for myself from home) but just to get out there and meet some new people you know? I planned some stuff with current friends, at least that way can look forward to those when the time comes... Do something like that... Treat yourself! You may feel a bit better...


Just try and keep busy as possible, thats what I try to do....

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I think it is much harder at my age to build a new group of single friends that I have things in common with. That is why I joined some meet up groups. I went to a couple events and the experience was horrible. I did not have anything in common with most of them and there were not many cool people there. I felt worse after leaving than I did before I went. I really hate where I am at in life right now and just wish I was not at this place. I wish I had a time machine to move ahead a year from now.


I am such a social person and not having many friends is really hard on me.

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Yes I'm 33 and insales and work from home. Sucks cause I feel I have more time during the day to not be distracted. Now that summer has come my ex comes over to my apartment pool because her sis lives there so I saw my ex the other day at the pool. We don't talk. Sucks can't even be at peace at my own place.


I feel too old to go to bars and meet people and I also feel like some girls don't even wanna be ur friends like ill get a girls numher and just wanna hang to be friends get a different friend scen and she neverreturns my texts. Sooooooo I feel lost. I don't wanna hear about my ex. I'm scared she will br7ing guy she cheated on me with to the pool. Then whatdo I do? I don't not want to go to my pool heck its my place I don't wanna be immitated by her. She is a 22 year old punk.

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That's exactly what I was thinking. Isn't that dirty? I mean technically her sis doesn't even live there. Her sis bf lives there and she stays there with him. Stupid huh? Its awful I can't even relax in my own apartment for fear of running into her. And I'm trying to be in good shape too but after this hard winter I'm not in good shape. I'm working on it but its tough.

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