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just made a huge mistake


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I have strong feelings for my best friend. I have for months but have just been repressing them. one night we both got drunk and had sex, I told her it was a mistake and she forced herself to get over me. now she fancy's one of my closest friends. he told me just the other day I was mad for not trying with her, and honestly I dont know why I didnt. at the party we were at tonight they were off alone talking the whole time, and I got so upset. that could've been me, it's my own fault.


one of my friends had been drinking since 3pm. by midnight he was out of control. he was screaming and throwing fists, I thought the police would be called any minute. when him and I were going at it he accidentally put his lit cigarette in my arm and I was enraged. my friends had to forcefully pull me off him.


I said alot of bad things to him when I was angry. I just wanted him to stop screaming and I lost my temper. he ran off into a random yard in started crying. my best friend and the friend she likes got him and put him in her car. I told them he couldnt be home alone that drunk so they took him to my house where Im currently babysitting him as he dry heaves.


I'm here cleaning puke off the floor while my friend is with the girl that I like. and I just wonder how I let things get to this place.

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It seems you took it out on your friend the way you were feeling about the girl, so you are doing the right thing in being there for him while he recovers as it shows you regret your fight, although it must be frustrating knowing your other friend is with the girl. Maybe try and move on from your thoughts about the girl as now she may have a different opinion of you for having the fight anyway. Just be true to yourself, you weren't that fussed about her until your friend moved in on her and maybe it's just that that's made you wound up because you may also feel a bit betrayed by your friend too. I don't know, just hazarding guesses but hope it works out.

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It isn't right to take your anger out on those who don't deserve it. You already seem to have some issues that you need to resolve within yourself. As for your best friend, idk what to tell you. If you love her or want to be with her, you need to be honest, at least if you get rejected, you know you tried, but you can't do that now. If she is serious about him that don't intervene. If its just something simple between them.. tell her.. feelings don't go away overnight. It's a tough call.. please use your discretion though. Good luck

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