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Letting go...get healthier?

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With the help of this forum...letting go has so many positives it is unbelievable


What actions lead to this healthier you?


-Working out

-Eating better (of course throwing in a greasy cheeseburger and medium rare strip)

-Less Stress

-Less anxiety

-Less EVERYTHING really...


Since probably 2-3 weeks before the official breakup...because I subconsciously new it was coming, I have been in a very healthy state. I lost about 10-15 Pre-BU and about 25 more pounds after the BU.


I look amazing, gotten amazing sun (and tanned)


But what I am most happy happy about...I have yet to get even the slightest bit of sickness at ALL. Not a scratchy throat, stuffy nose, bad headaches, fever, NOTHING. Knock on wood as I saw this, but I cannot believe it. I look back and see how many times I came down with stuff during the relationship and the amount of money I spent on nyquil...my god. I probably spent more on medicine than I did on my ex in the latter months LOL.




hope a lot of you can agree with me. Otherwise just do it because agreeing with me will me you and me happy!

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Amen! One of the many times that I ran into my ex, he asked me when it was that I became such a happy and lively person. We get along now so I passed it off as joking, but I actually really meant it when I said, "Oh, ya know, when you broke up with me."

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I remember with one ex, I was suffering from depression for YEARS. Then we broke up. I was a mess and then one fine day... I just decided "screw it" and started to really work on being happy. I haven't looked back since! Even on my bad days now, I don't have that horrible cloud hanging over my head like I used to.


This break up is a bit different... lots of positives to being single but still miss him. Chief winner for positives that I can think of right now: hot guys. Oh MAN! I was such a flirt when I was single and I was always out on dates. The radar is on again! I'm not ready to date yet, but I can't wait until I am. Woo woo!

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Hi Blackhawks that eventually I can do as well as you. I have taken up some weekly exercise and making an attempt with the eating. I've lost a bit of weight. Am a good weight now, but I would like to tone up some parts of my body.


I do have to cut back on the spending because I've become addicted to buying clothes and make-up, and go to hairdresser quite regularly. I really should not be spending too much more on clothes or make-up.

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