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Break out just won't go away

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I've never had horrible acne and even now it isn't so bad except the fact that looking at my face is kind of sickening because I have red marks every where and I'm doing my very best not to pick at them because I don't want scarring. I have a "pimple zapper" that squeezes it and that only does so much. I have medicine called "Max-clarity" which I apply to my face now that I've been breaking out lately and it doesn't seem to be working as I hoped. I've been switching off and on to other cleansers like drug store face wash and simply rinsing my face with body soap when I shower. I even put rubbing alcohol all over and it seemed like it helped a little the next day but I'm noticing new break outs right now. This has been going on for a week and half and I'm really sick of it. It seems like I've always had minor red bumps on my forehead but that could have just been the oils from my hair. I would really appreciate advice on this. I'm fed up.

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My skin never looked better since I found Isomers.ca. They ship around the world.


Harsh medications strip the acid mantle of the skin and make the problem worse, not better. Poking and popping spreads bacteria and also makes the skin hyper-reactive. The goal is to clean without stripping, heal without damaging, reinfecting and drying, nourish without using products that cause reactions.


After trying everything over the course of my life, I've never found any skin care that I could actually tolerate, much less that actually worked. My aunt turned me onto this lab, and I've been happy with my skin ever since.

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